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Fully configured solutions to manage clinical photographs, video and media files creating a secure and effective workflow within your organisation.

Centralised Storage

Our healthcare solutions allow you to upload files from a range of cameras, imaging devices, audio and video equipment as well as graphic design files and related documents into one secure central system. All clinical files are uploaded with essential patient data, job metadata and patient consent to create specialist workflows that are GDPR compliant and support effective image management for patient records and educational use.
Non-clinical media files and documents can be managed in separate archives where taxonomies, tags and metadata fields are maximised to ensure that you can find and access what you need, when you need it. We can also integrate with your Content Management System (CMS) to ensure your website information and images are kept up to date. 


We offer our FotoWare solution as a standalone IMS or can integrate with your EHR providing a seamless patient record. When integrated with the EHR you will access clinical photographs directly from the health record whilst maintaining the full functionality of the FotoWare software in the background. This ensures you can still benefit from the zoom, annotate, create albums, sharing, reporting and many other useful features not available within the EHR.

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A scalable and configurable solution that adapts to the changing needs of your organisation.

Security and Role Based Access

Role based permissions linked to user Active Directory accounts are employed to ensure that images are accessed on a ‘need to know’ basis. You can restrict images to specialty groups or staff groups to ensure maximum patient confidentiality with the ability to add images to multiple groups for cross specialty cases.

Metadata Searches

Unlimited metadata fields are available to create advanced search facilities. Search by diagnosis, consultant, specialty, location and any other parameters held in the metadata creating a really powerful audit, research and educational resource.  



Image Sharing

Create albums of single or multiple patient images and share with colleagues for second opinions, case referrals, peer reviews, MDT Meetings and more! Share media albums with clients so they can select image choices for posters, presentations and promotional material.




Simply select areas of interest on the photographs by adding a visual indicator and add or review comments to identify significant pathology. This could include grading pressure ulcers, identifying individual moles for monitoring or surgical removal, or commenting on bruises, bite marks and other injuries for safeguarding investigations.

Masking Images

Clinical photographs of genitalia and safeguarding images can be classified as ‘sensitive’. FotoWeb can be configured to mask such images, allowing users to search for, retrieve, caption, and process the images, while the thumbnails and previews of the images are masked to avoid inadvertent viewing in unrelated appointments.


Referrals and Legal Statements

We offer the PDF+ to enable users to create documents and reports with embedded images directly from FotoWeb for download and printing. The templates are easily configurable, allowing multiple versions to be created for different purposes such as child protection reports, clinical referrals, solicitor packs and case studies.

Public Access for Patient Information

Patient information leaflets and instructional videos such as physio exercises and safe equipment use can be accessed and downloaded from a public facing archive. This facility can be combined with a Content Management System (CMS) to ensure patients are accessing the most up to date information.

3rd Party File Uploads

 We can ‘clean up’ your organisation’s storage by importing images from third party imaging systems such as Endoscopy to ensure accurate patient data verification, image access from your EHR, central storage, back up and the management of appropriate retention parameters.

Data Analytics and Reporting

 Full audit trails of all user activity and for all activity relating to single images, users or patients is available for activity reporting, security reports and incident investigation.

Educational Resource

We can create a library of your clinical images for medical educational use (subject to patient consent) with advanced search facilities and the ability to create albums for different projects. We offer Plugin’s for Microsoft PowerPoint & Word and Adobe Photoshop & InDesign for creating teaching material and patient information. You can also have a public access archive for patients to download patient information and instructional videos!

Mobile Working

Our Clinical Uploader App is both iOS and Android compatible and provides a robust and secure workflow solution for clinicians needing a photography solution out of hours and in the community. The carefully considered, easy to use App provides end to end control of the photographic procedure with full auditability, assurance of correct patient identification and consent, and a secure transfer process to minimise organisational risk. See more here.


Patient Triage

Medialogix Image Transfer (MIT) enables clinicians to request images, video and information directly from patients using our secure SaaS solution. This simple system provides a visual triage service to view important clinical information and prioritise patient appointments for treatment and early intervention. It also helps prevent unnecessary hospital visits bringing cost benefits and also minimises infection control risks by  reducing the number of patients needing to attend outpatient appointments. See more here.

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