Media & Publishing

Solutions for Newspapers, Magazines and other media departments, including Marketing, Corporate Comms and PR teams.


Get Your Brand to Shine

Your digital files are what brings your brand to life. Make your company look awesome and get the deserved recognition by correctly and consistently creating, editing, organising and distributing your brand materials. Ensure control over your brand materials, as there is always only one correct version of your most important assets.

Reduce Mundane & Repetitive Tasks

An inefficient workflow can make you the dinosaur in your industry. Stop doing tasks twice due to lost or misplaced files. Our system helps you automate repetitive tasks to free up even more time. Optimise activities from your everyday life and automate mundane tasks.

Media Publishing at Your Fingertips

Focus on the Creative Processes thatĀ MatterĀ to You by Improving the Way You Work With Your Media Files

Consistent Brand Identity

Keep track and manage how, where and who is using your brand materials, maintaining control over the entire creative process in one tool.

Enhanced Team Collaborations

Improve and speed up the way you cooperate with your team and external agencies when working on your graphics, video and other branded images.

Access and Approve Anywhere, 24/7

Asset availability and sharing is at your fingertips. FotoWare integrates with Active Directory for seamless user management and access control.

Easy Ingestion of Content

Photographers on location can easily upload their pictures directly from anywhere in the world. Use our smartphone or tablet apps to tag and upload files in a snap.

Organize and Quickly Find Your Files

Organize your content with metadata, use taxonomies to find and filter assets. Assign metadata rules to maintain consistency and get your content ready on time.

Edit Images Within Your Favorite Software

View and edit pictures stored in the FotoWare system from the Photoshop side panel, place them in an InDesign layout, or add them to an Office document or presentation.

Publishing in a Consistent Way

Automate file format and color space conversion, ICC profile tagging, image resizing, and output dpi setting to prepare pictures for print.


Color Management and Image Enhancement

Ensure consistent color reproduction and use optional intelligent image enhancement filters to improve your pictures. Easily color convert PDFs, and images to CMYK, in preparation for print.

Archiving and Auditing Made Easy

Oversee system events. Monitor logs easily, create royalty reports, and monitor usage data.

Prevent Usage of Outdated Materials

You are the guardian to your marketing materials and getting your brand displayed in accordance with your brand guidelines and up-to-date is part of your success. With FotoWeb, everyone in your team knows where to find the assets they need and always have the correct and up-to-date version. Organize your assets with tags, metadata and custom fields

Publishing a story requires effective management of asset selection, powerful workflows, great storytelling, the ability to meet critical deadlines, and not least monetisation.

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