Digital Evidence Management

Find and manage digital evidence of any type and securely share it from one single, scalable platform.

Upload and Ingest from Multiple Sources

Our policing mobile apps, desktop apps and background services ingest evidence files from various sources such as desktop PC’s, mobile devices, digital interview recording (DIR) devices, body worn video (BWV) devices, CCTV, fingerprints, footwear marks, crime scenes, road traffic collisions (RTC) and more. Our system can handle any file type in particular imaging, audio, video and document content. These processes have been designed in collaboration with policing end-users including crime scene investigators  and police officers.

Masking Sensitive Evidence

Some digital evidence that is stored in the system may be of a sensitive nature. To this end FotoWeb can be configured to mask such assets, allowing users to search for, retrieve, caption, and process the assets in workflows, while the thumbnails and previews of the assets in question are hidden behind a grey curtain.

Key Features

Customisation and integrations are available through our powerful API.
We help you create a Digital Evidence Management system tailored to your needs.

Evidential Integrity

Our customised upload process ensures the digital evidence uploaded is identified, validated and preserved with full audit trails. Designed to meet ISO and legal compliance.

Data Analytics

Create scheduled reports to analyse system usage. Integrate with business intelligence tools to automatically identify key metrics and bring data to life in easy to understand visuals.

Security and Role-based Access

Ensure security of sensitive and high-profile case evidence by defining security policies and assigning users to roles that restrict their access to information and operations.



Quickly add or review comments and visual indicators on digital evidence to help identify objects crucial to the investigation. Super users can manage and moderate annotations.


Easily blur out faces, license plates, and other sensitive information before evidence is shared with the press. 

Sharing Evidence

Create albums and share evidence with other users and groups in the system. File sharing, asset distribution and collaborative tasks can be fulfilled without compromising security, and improve operational efficiency.

Documents and Reports

CSI’s and police staff can create PDF documents and download for printing or seamless sharing with case management systems. Templates for witness statements, streamline forensic reporting and other case related reports.


Get Alerts

 When you’re waiting for evidence related to a certain case, get notified when files that match certain search criteria are added to an archive in your system.

Retention Policies

Configure MOPI retention policies, automatically purge evidence that is not connected to a case, set retention policies according to case type, keep evidence for as long as legally required.


We have experience of integrating FotoWare with your records management systems (RMS) such as Socrates and Niche. We have plugins for Microsoft Office to allow certain users to use media files directly from Word or PowerPoint without the need to download. Powerful RESTful APIs allow integration into any CMS or 3rd-party system. We even have tools within the products to integrate with AI systems for automated metadata and video redaction.

Forensics Digital Evidence Management

One central repository for all your evidence made searchable and accessible on any device. Information sharing can happen at several levels – between police officers, investigators, and prosecutors, as well as, crowdsourcing evidence from the public. The system is capable of being deployed to all users in the police force and handling 12 million digital files per server.

The key software components of the solution include FotoWeb, Pixel Desktop and Mobile apps, PDF+, AVIS, Reakt and SuspectTech.

Suspect Identification System

Let us help you setup an identifications system in your police force powered by FotoWeb and PDF+. Super Recognisers use the system constantly in their role to record their identifications. All other staff in the organisation also have the ability to access the system and assist in making idents. The system stores CCTV clips and still imagery relating to the incident.

The users are then able to generate customised documents and reports in PDF format at the touch of a few buttons.


Trusted by Police Forces Globally

FotoWare is currently used by 35 of 42 UK police forces, 3 of 6 Australian state police forces, 4 of 16 German state police forces and 3 of 9 Icelandic regional police forces, along with police forces and specialist units in Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and more.

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